Digital Arts Hub Hastings: "People of Hastings" exhibition.

The "People of Hastings" exhibition is the culmination of a four month community 3D portrait project by the Digital Arts Hub, a new creative technology studio located in the heart of Hastings.The aim of the project was to create a lasting record of the diverse local communities of Hastings in 2022 and also to open up access to new and emerging creative technologies for creativity, gaming, portraiture, heritage and interactive learning.

Individuals, families, community organisations and businesses were invited to the studio to be 3D scanned: from these scans we created 3D models that were printed in 3D, viewable on mobile phones using augmented reality via a QR code and archived online as a permanent record at: dah.hastingscommons.com. At the closing event of the project on the 8th October 2022, everyone who has participated in the 3D scanning project will been invited to collect and keep their 3D print.

The Digital Arts Hub is run by Hastings Commons in collaboration with – on this project – local artists ZEROH. In October, the Digital Arts Hub will move to the Observer building to form the core of of a long term community-driven creative digital centre.


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